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The 'Burst!' Tile, designed by Rough Front for KAZA Concrete




Buy Burst!

Burst! is fabricated and sold by KAZA Concrete.

US Pricing:  Direct inquiries to Laszolo

Global Pricing:  Direct inquiries to Nora

Color: Burst is available in matte and glossy in a wide variety of colors. 

Technical: Burst should be planned according to the technical data from KAZA Concrete. Download Technical Sheet


The Burst tile is designed to conceal the grid of a typical haxagonal tile shape. Inscribed lines in the face of the tile mimic the joint lines between tiles, creating the effect of a rich. continuous, fluttering surface. This concealment of the joint is unusual and can be challenging to design with. Below are some starter patterns that use one or both of the tiles. KAZA Concrete also provide flat, un-textured versions of the tile in order to provide options for transitioning into other surfaces at the perimeter of the design. 


The design for the tile was modeled digitally and sent as a 3D model to KAZA. Their talented team CNC milled and then hand finished the piece. The prototype (and of course the tile) were immaculately executed.